Custom Suits for Men


Our customers value uniqueness and quality, that is why we make only 121 suits per year.


This week’s orders are delivered on 22 December.



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Made-to-measure suit

Different styles, large fabric collection, unlimited combinations.


G by ERRIER 680€ (+waistcoat 790€)
Wedding/Business 792€ (+waistcoat 918€)
Luxury 900€ (+waistcoat 1080€)
HOLLAND & SHERRY from 880€ / DORMEUIL from 970€ / LORO PIANA from 1190€


Delivery 5-6 weeks.


MTM jacket

Your style, your choices. We’ll make sure the result is amazing.


G by ERRIER 430€
Business 480€
Luxury 600€


Delivery 5-6 weeks.


You are the designer of your own life, so you are fit to design your outfit.

We will help you to do that with highest quality.


The team

Genka x Roosaare x Veiko are changing the way men think about suits. With reasonable investment men get the best fitting suits money can buy, made of renowned suit fabrics from Italy and England.


Every man needs a proper suit, usually sooner than later.


Experienced performer knows the impact of dressing. Experienced investor knows that quality surpasses quantity. Experienced suit designer combines these values and creates the best solution for you.


ERRIER is located at Fahle park, between Tallinn bus station and Ülemiste center at the address Tartu mnt 80J, C entrance, 3rd floor.


We welcome you to our newly renovated studio which location has been picked to reduce needless time spent in traffic whether you arrive with a car, a tram or a bus.

For booking please use our online system or email in advance  / Erki Veiko.

If you are new in this, do not worry, we are happy to consult you without any charge and make sure you order what you like and need. We are able to communicate in Estonian and English.


ERRIER suits have been spotted in theatres, weddings, graduations, TV shows, offices etc.



SUIT Business 792€/ Lux 900€
OVERCOAT Business 660€ / Lux 792€
VALUE 200€ / 400€ / 600€


Questions and ordering For same day delivery please call +372 55 75 041



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